Anne Hathaway Goes Glam Punk for Met GalaCelebrity Stylist Sascha Breuer gave Anne Hathaway a strong punk yet glam hair look for the 2013 MET Ball. "Anne has great taste and a clear understanding of what she wants with her hair," he says. "This particular look wasn't styled to be of the moment and wasn't styled just to go along with the theme but was a look that people could see in ten years and still see something strong and sophisticated."

For the look itself, Breuer drew inspiration from "unforgettable punk icons like Poly Styrene and Joan Jett. I decided to go for a look that's glam, edgy and yet very youthful and fun." Breuer kept the style short and had fun playing with it." Although the fresh platinum shade made the silhouette pop, colorist Marie Robinson is keeping mum on the formula.

Step-By-Step Styling

1. Start by applying a golf ball sized amount of Wella Professionals Extra Volume Mousse to damp hair for the perfect foundation and to provide hold and volume.

2. Blow dry the hair into shape using fingers or a skeleton brush. Dry the longer hair on top back and upwards by gently pulling the hair away from the scalp to boost the volume and some lift to it.

3. Push brush and dry the sides flat to the head backwards allowing them to set narrow to the head.

4. Once the hair is completely dry use a small amount of Wella Professionals Bold Move styling paste. Spread the paste evenly between the palm of your hands and work the product through the mid length and ends to create a deep, slightly messy texture.

5. Mist hair with Wella Professionals Stay Firm Finishing Spray to ensure that the style will last all night.


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