After 16 years of cutting and styling hair, Rodrick Samuels has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled and versatile designers in the men's styling industry. And, we ran into him at Premiere Orlando 2013!

Samuel's Interpretation of the Current Trends:

"With shows like Boardwalk Empire and with Mad Men, the whole 1900s to 1950s trends are really coming back with the undercut and anything that has to do with classic clipper cutting. In my classes I like to break it down the information into very small pieces. Whether your a new professional or a seasoned professional you can get everything down pat by using technique."

What advice would you give for stylists new to the men's hairstyling/barbering market?

"Education is key, education is not an option, it's a must. You need to stay engaged in what the latest and greatest trends are. Make sure you invest properly in your education whether it's taking a class or attending a major trande show, all of those things are key into growing your men clientele."

Samuel's top tips for making more money with your male clientele below. According to Samuels, just by doing these add-ons, you can add an additional $30-40 per ticket!

TIP #1: No More Nose Hairs! When you have a client with nose hairs that stick out, use your trimmer to etch the hair out.

TIP #2: Don't Forget the Back of the Neck! Take your trimmer, hold the skin tightly, use a "C cutting motion" to get random hairs off the back of the neck.

TIP #3: The Ears. Stretch the ear, take your trimmer and etch around the ear for a clean look.

TIP #4: The Eyebrows. Men like a nice clean up. Not too much though!

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