Esthetician Waxes for 24 Hours, Spotlights Importance of LicensesLast year in August, Delaware esthetician Bobbi Dilling spent 24 hours removing hair. Her goal?  To get in the Guinness Book of World Records , to raise money for a dog rescue (Greyhound Pets of America Delaware) and to call attention to the fact that too many waxing services are being done by unlicensed operators in un-sanitary conditions.

“I’ve been waxing for 13 years,” says Dilling, who uses NuFree Finipil Hair Removal products for all her hair removal services, record-setting and otherwise.  “I wanted to do this marathon of waxing so I’d have the chance to talk to people about the importance of coming to someone with the proper training and license.  In Delaware, we’ve been threatened with certain services being banned after unlicensed operators caused real damage.  But people don’t understand that those services were done by people who weren’t licensed to do them in the first place.  They just pay attention to all the bad press.”

From 7:00am to 7:00am the next day at Trilogy Spa by Allison in Newark, Delaware, Dilling performed waxing services on 105 people under the watchful eyes of witnesses.

“Unless you want to pay someone from Guinness to come out and observe, which costs about $10,000, you have to have witnesses there the whole time witness,” explained Dilling. “I only had three five-minute breaks because Guinness told me I couldn’t take a break unless I had my witnesses waxing for me.  But my witnesses weren’t estheticians except for a slot when esthetic teachers helped witness. It took me a week to recover from this!”

Esthetician Waxes for 24 Hours, Spotlights Importance of LicensesDilling donated her tips to the Greyhound Rescue, she encouraged people to bring in food for a food bank in Delaware, and she raised awareness about the dangers of having hair removed by someone other than a licensed professional. But did she set a new Guinness Book World Record?

“No one has ever tried to set a record for the most wax services in 24 hours, “says Dilling. “All my witness statements, videotapes and pictures are now in England being reviewed.  It’s a process.”

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