There’s no stopping the #hashtags craze.

Just this week Facebook confirmed it will officially roll out the categorization tool, allowing users to #hashtag posts and make those hashtags #clickable.

For us PR and social media marketers within the salon industry, it’s pretty exciting news! Now, we can strategically start – and join conversations with our client’s content, further expanding their viral reach. (And yes, we even did a few high fives up in the office when the announcement rolled out!)

So, if you’re scratching your head right now on how you’re going to use his new feature first check out my “Decoding Social Media #hashtags” blog for an in-depth look at what hashtags are all about.

For those of you who have been tweeting and instagramming up a storm using your strategic hashtags, here are some quick and simple tips for transferring your hash-bilities to Facebook as well.  Remember, Facebook is rolling out this new feature as they do everything…slowly. So you may have to wait, but even if you don’t have the feature yet you can begin using your hashtags to build up your content!

Keep these quick tips in mind as you do so:

1. Every hashtag on Facebook has its own unique URL with a status update box at the top. Using your hashtags will drive new, untapped users to your page.

2. Start using strategic hashtags now – to build out your Facebook page and in your posts. Those who have the feature will be able to see them even if you can’t.

3. Think about our industry and target market – use the same hashtags that you’ve been using on #Twitter and #Instagram, but think about what your key search terms are as well.

4. Once you have the feature, search for your particular #hashtag using the search box, this way you will see what your clients are seeing.

5. Use the #hashtag search feature to find new pages, and potential clients!

And that’s the skinny folks! Think about it, if you tag your client look with your salon hashtag (Example: #cthesalon) and a potential client searched Facebook looking for your salon, they will now see the conversations (photos, links and text) about your salon via the hashtagged content! It's a great way to extend your salon brand conversation.

We are so excited to see how this will open up the world of Facebook for our industry!

I’ll give you a case study very soon on great ways that manufacturers, salons – even academies are using this new feature. Until then, #StayCool #StaySocial and connect with me using our favorite hashtag, #evokebrands

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