HOW-TO: Fiery Curly Faux-Hawk

If your client is blessed with a naturally curly coif, you officially have no more excuses to not switch up your hairstyle. Redken Education Artist Director, Sam Villa, shared with MODERN a fabulous tilted cut and color to give your client's curls a new edge.


 STEP 1: For zone one use Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color in 4Rr with 20 volume developer.

 STEP 2: For the second zone use Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color 6Rr with 30 developer.


 STEP 1: Create a diagonal side part, right to left extending to the nape.

 STEP 2: Elevate contour to the head until you reach the diagonal side part. Sections are now    

 over-directed to maintain length and weight on the left.

 STEP 3: Weave and Blunt (Watch Video Below)

                   * Take a section about 2.5 inches wide in the crown area and hold it towards the


                   * Hold you shears sideways and position them so that the guiding blade is on the

                      bottom and the thumb blade is on the top.

                   * Weave the guiding blade through the section (similar to a weave that you would

                      make when highlighting) where you want to make the cut (somewhere mid to

                      3/4 way down the hair shaft) and close the shear. You control how much hair to

                      cut by the size of the weave - chunkier weaves take out more hair than finer

                     weaves. The shorter pieces of hair create a softness that supports the natural

                     texture of the curls.

  STEP 4: Finish with Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl cream serum to define curl, reduce frizz add

  shine an lock out humidity.

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