Summer Nights: CutColor: Beth Minardi
Cut: Mark Garrison
Assisted by: Mark Mileti, Raquel Martuscelli, Edina Hasanovic
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: Renee Garnes
Nails: Amanda Smith
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa

For the silhouette, Mark Garrison created what he calls the “perfect model cut. I am responsible for maintaining the finishes of many of the models in New York City, and soft layers with a long face frame is the most requested, versatile look.”





1. Begin with the cut, creating a dramatic face frame. Comb
2. Continue to slide down to the lengths, cutting to blend.
3. Now take a large section from the crown. Pull straight up and cut at an angle to leave long layers while maintaining the length.
4. Blend forward along the “Mohawk.”
5. Comb all hair down and cut away any ragged ends.
6. Using these lengths as a guide, connect the layers and lengths along the rounds of the head. Pull out sections and cut to connect.

Summer Nights: Cut


Summer Nights: Color

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