Triple-Dipped Red How To: Red Hair Don't CareThanks to MODERN Facebook fan Vladmir Nogers for sharing his triple-dipped red technique.

Symone is a natural level 6 with previous highlights and lowlights. A protein reconstructor was used first to even the porosity. Then, he applied Redken Shades EQ, equal parts 07CB, 07G and 09AA with activator to freshly dried hair, then rinsed and dried. This made a warm dark blonde color and prepared the hair for an even color.

"I always use a demipermanent when darkening the hair because there's no need for lift and the hair is usually already compromised," he says.

Next, he pre-pigmented the ends with a vibrant copper, because he wanted the ends to be more vibrant just like a natural redhead. "I used equal parts Wella Color Touch 9/3 with 8/4 mixed with distilled water and applied it to the porous ends. Then I applied 1 part Color Touch 7/73 + 1 part 9/3 + 3 inches 8/4 + 2 parts Intensive Emulsion (14 Volume) to the dark roots only. To the leftover formula I added 1/2 oz. of 9/3 and 1/2 oz. water. I applied the rest of the formula to the mid-lengths and ends."

After the hair was rinsed and conditioned, he applied a leave-in conditioner to help the condition of the hair.

"To maintain this look I'll use the same first Color Touch formula for the new growth and then apply Redken Shades EQ 06AA + 07C and activator for the rest of the hair shaft."

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