Lady Gaga's Most Influential Hair Moments

Recognize this pop star? That's Lady Gaga, in 2013, with blonde eyebrows and unstyled, grunge-esque chocolate tresses. Mother Monster is back with a new album this fall, and she has once again switched up her look to keep us on our toes.

The past five years of Gaga in the spotlight have brought us literally hundreds of shocking outfits (remember the purple hair dress?) and outrageous, memorable hair, but a few of her more iconic styles stand out for their pointed influences in everyday hair trends most requested by clients in the chair. Rewind!




Lady Gaga's Most Influential Hair Moments Blunt Fringe

Gaga was one of the first pop stars of the aughts to fully embrace wigs and hairpieces in her everyday looks, starting with her incredibly fashion-forward, platinum bob with a blunt fringe. Long before women began requesting the "Zooey Deschanel" bangs, Gaga's longer sleek style (mid-back) was lusted after by clients, looking for a bit of an edge without losing their length.

Salon Tip: MODERN's own Alison Shipley rocked the blunt bang once upon a time -- read up on her journey to grow out her fringe, plus get some tips from educator Sam Villa on how to advise your client attempting to make the transition.


Lady Gaga's Most Influential Hair Moments Hair Bow

Of course, the infamous hair bow. Not only was it beyond unique and chic at the time (2009), but it was quite the badge of honor for any client to create on her own without the aid of a professional (Thanks, YouTube?). Though Gaga briefly brought the style back for an appearance in 2011, it has, by and large, disappeared from the scene -- and Gaga's hair closet.

How-To: Still determined to master this still-adorable, iconic style? Try this step-by-step guide.


Lady Gaga's Most Influential Hair Moments Curled Bob - Pink

This one is also from 2009 -- what a great year for Gaga's hair, huh? Before she began to kick things up a notch with meat dresses and out-of-this-world accessories, hats, and pieces, we saw this surprisingly demure, tame, and simply flawless look at the MTV Video Music Awards. It would be an understatement to say Gaga has experimented with hair color over the years -- turquoise has been a major repeat for her -- but this combination of pink and platinum has always seems to suit her well. And the old Hollywood length and curl? Mega-flattering for young Gaga.

Salon Tip: Pink isn't going (and hasn't gone) anywhere. Get familiar with this shade of the color wheel if you aren't already and check out this how-to of the more current, on-trend styles blending wild pinks and purples into ombre looks.



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