Get the Most Out of Your Images From a Photo ShootFor MODERN's Ask the Experts section in October we asked NAHA photographers for their advice on a number of photoshoot topics. Here, we asked Eric Fisher, for Aquage, owner of Eric Fisher salons, Eric Fisher Academy and Prosper U, "As a school owner, photographer, competitor, and industry educator, what advice do you have for hairdressers on how to get the most out of using your images from a photo shoot, besides using them in a portfolio?"

“Thanks to social media and the web, there are many options for promoting your images from a photo shoot,” says Eric Fisher for Aquage, owner of Eric Fisher salons, Eric Fisher Academy and Prosper U. “First, I would recommend choosing at least three photos from your photo shoot and creating a collection. Name the collection and write a press release promoting it. Include in the press release information about your collection—what inspired you, what techniques you employed and what products/tools were used along with photo credits. Keep the press release to one page or less and I recommend submitting your collection to one magazine at a time being conscious to pick a magazine with which your collection will fit.” 

“If your collection doesn’t get selected for a magazine—promote it yourself. Submit your collection to websites like, make a page on, and showcase your pictures on your Facebook page, on Pinterest and on your website.

“At Eric Fisher Salons and Eric Fisher Academy, we print 30x40 posters and display them around the salon/academy rotating them regularly with the latest collections. The posters are a great way to showcase our collections to our clients. They have proven to be conversation starters and elevate the salon atmosphere. We also use our collections on marketing materials and e-mail blasts. The collections help personalize our marketing by creating a more authentic approach.

“There is a wide array of options available today to help you promote your images from a photo shoot, use them! You never know when an editor of a magazine will come across your photos, and want to use them in the latest edition of their magazine.”

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