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Hair: Nick Stenson

Assisted by: Hope Doms

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Make up: David Maderich for camerareadycosmetics.com

Fashion styling: Rod Novoa



When the “Roaring ’20s” are mentioned, images of decadence, indulgence, romance and luxury come to mind. It was these images that moved Nick Stenson, Artistic Director of the JCP Salon group, to create this texture-infused photoshoot.

“The inspiration for this collection comes from The Great Gatsby— director Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic story about life and love in the 1920s,” Stenson says. “It’s all about dressing, style and finish. Everything—hair, make-up, fashion—was so beautiful, elegant and glamorous.”

Though the film debuted last season, the texture, shape and the details of the finishes resonate today.

“To create these 1920s looks, professionals must have great cutting skills, proper knowledge of chemical usage and true understanding of basic setting techniques,” says Stenson, who was assisted by Hope Doms, a 2013 North American Hairstyling Awards finalist. “It’s a modern take on the foundations of finger waves and pin curls that we learned in beauty school.”





JCP Salon presents two collections each year as inspiration for the 12,000 artists working in the 950 JCP salons throughout the U.S.

When working with brunettes, Stenson likes to add interest and dimension. “Here, I added vintage red qualities. Nothing crazy—instead of ‘stop sign’ reds, I wanted to go with the era to make it look like rust. Colors in the ’20s were not so bold.” For shape, Stenson created an “S” wave by alternating curl patterns with a ½-inch iron. “The fun part to make it current is to exaggerate the existing undercut on one side to add a sense of asymmetry.”

1. Create a rectangular-shaped parting placed on a diagonal from the high point of the head to the hairline.

2. Combine Matrix Light Master with 10-volume developer, and alternate slices and weaves in this section to just open up the cuticle to make translucent sections.

3. Process 20 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo and blow dry.

4. To make a rusty copper demipermanent, blend Matrix Color Sync 6CG and a Copper Booster with 10-volume developer. Process 20 minutes.

5. Alternate foils with conditioner to boost shine.

6. Foils are placed as shown following the original pattern. Process according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then shampoo and condition the hair.

7. Create an exaggerated parting over right eye on a dramatic diagonal parting. Take vertical sections and curl hair away from face using a ½-inch curling iron. Clip to set.

8. Switch to a smaller iron near the back, curling in an alternating pattern.






“Blondes back in the ’20s were quite brassy,” says Stenson. To modernize the shade, Stenson balanced the color and brought her to a cooler shade. Stenson chose Matrix Color Sync demipermanent hair color to add moisture back into the hair. To update the shape, Stenson exaggerated the lines and removed unwanted ends. For the fi nish, Stenson used a micro crimper to add texture. “That is what makes it fresh and interesting.”

1. First address the new growth. Combine Matrix Light Master with 30-volume developer at the base in ¼ inch sections. Process for 45 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo.

2. Glaze the hair in ½ inch sections using a demipermanent shade: Matrix Color Sync SPV Sheer Pastel Violet with 10-volume developer. Process up to 20 minutes, depending on underlying pigment. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

3. Begin the cut in the back. Take vertical sections from the nape to the occipital. Bring to a 45-degree angle and direct back to the center. Cut to the guide.

4. Blend up to the crown, cutting to leave a weight line along the base of the occipital.

5. Blend forward to establish a line along the side. Cut with slight elevation and create a defi ned bob shape.

6. Connect the length from the back to the side, cutting with slightly elevated vertical sections. Maintain length in front and keep graduation in the back.

7. Direct the fringe forward and point-cut the front perimeter for softness. Detail the fringe when dry.

8. Once blow dried, use a medium-sized curling iron to create curls along the top of the head. Wrap in the direction you want the hair to fall. Continue above the rounds of the head.

9. Once below the rounds of the head take a micro crimper and crimp from base to ends.

10. Press the hair into the desired shape. Place hairclips into the wave and allow to set.



Products & tools

Color and lightener: Matrix Light Master, Matrix Color Sync

Shampoo and conditioner: Matrix Biolage Color Care

Stylers: Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker, Matrix Design Pulse Go Big foam

Shears: JCP Salon Exclusive shears

Nail color: OPI Muir Muir on the wall

Appliances: FHI Heat _ atiron and blow dryer, Hot Tools curling irons and Sam Villa TexturIron crimping iron

Brushes: Denman

Make up: Body of Royalty lip shade; Douce eye shadow; Beauty Addicts mascara; and Bluffajo Glowing Mineral Blush

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