On her blog, Slow Beauty, the content headings will give you an indication of what matters to Shel Pink, Founder of SpaRitual spa treatment products.  You can "click" into Meditation, Renewal, The Nourished Mind, Self Expression, Spa Tradition and Mindful Consumption and read about the Pink-coined concept of "Slow Beauty for a Fast World."  While her world moves very fast--Pink is a mother of two, living in Los Angeles, and traveling globally to promote her vision--she took time to consider a few questions from MODERN SALON with slow, thoughtful responses:

MY IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY: Meditation, yoga, reading and writing- and lots of cuddling time with my kids.

WHO DOES YOUR HAIR? Christopher Dove

STYLE INSPIRATION: The Haim Sisters are pretty cool. (Editor's note: The Haim sisters is an American indie-pop band comprised of three sisters in Los Angeles.)

WHICH WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU OVERUSE? "Please brush your teeth!" I say it to my kids every day. When will I be able to overuse a different phrase?

HIDDEN TALENT: I can write simultaneously with both hands in opposite directions…mirror writing.

WHAT TALENT WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO HAVE? I'd like to be an amazing guitar player.

PERSONAL MOTTO: "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light" but I also like "provoke, confront, elevate" - those Yogi Tea sayings…there are some good ones.

HOW DO YOU GO-GREEN IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE? We eat organic, use organic bedding, green cleaning supplies, we recycle, we use re-usable water bottles…lots of ways.

LAST MOVIE YOU SAW? The Hunger Games – Catching Fire



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