A few posts back I shared a reflection on Jay Conrad Levinson when I learned of his passing away. I gave him credit for a large measure of my shop success through my use of his book series titled Guerilla Marketing. I suggested you explore his books and try some of his tactics.

In that same vein, although he is not dead, I want to introduce you to Jeffrey Gitomer. This guy rocks sales training. I have been reading and using his materials for many years. I have paid to hear him speak and present live. I subscribe to his email blasts. He is the current reigning king of sales training information and materials. His new book, 21.5 Unbreakable Rules of Selling is sure to be the next big thing in sales training and coaching for 2014.

Get Some Gitomer: Training and Coaching Tips for 2014

I have read the book. Of course, like his others before, I love the book. Below I am sharing the top 5 of his 21.5 laws… the ones that relate best to the world of in-salon selling. Know these laws. Uphold these laws. Break them at the risk of losing sales, slowing sales or just selling much less.

I encourage you to purchase the book for yourself and bone up on the other 16.5 laws he shares.

Gitomer’s unbreakable law #2: Think YES! Nothing trumps positive attitude. You cannot fake positive attitude. Have a positive attitude or lose sales and customers... or never make them in the first place. This might/should be law number 1.

Gitomer’s unbreakable law #5: Build Your Own Brand. Today you are a brand. Brand you is what you are selling. Yes, we sell haircuts, but first and last we sell ourselves as a brand. Be a brand. The book has great info on building brand YOU.

Gitomer’s unbreakable law #8: Demonstrate Excellence. Do not meet the standard. Set the standard. Be the standard. Exceed expectations and accepted market performance. YOU are the standard. Others hope to catch up, keep up ar will give up.

Gitomer’s unbreakable law #11: Ask Before You Tell. Ask the right questions. Learn about your customer. Know their needs, wants, challenges, hopes and dreams. If you do this work first the selling/closing part is the easy part.

Gitomer’s unbreakable law #20: Attract, Engage, and Connect Socially. This could be an entire book in and of itself. Gitomer shares a lot of great info in this category, but he does not own this category. Gary Vaynerchuck owns this category. His new book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is the new and hot book is selling through social media. I have not read it yet. It is on my library list. As soon as I have read it you will hear more about it.

And the .5… Gitomer loves to add value by adding a little something extra. All his lists are numbered and have an additional .5 added at the end. This is his way of going above and beyond. This is his way of being unique. This is his way of giving just a little bit more than the other guy. This is his way of standing out. It works. Follow his example. Find your .5. What can you add that adds just a bit more for your customer? How can you go above and beyond? I have a few .5’s that I use with my clipperguy brand. All of them are stolen right out of the pages of Gitomer’s idea of adding just a bit more so customers get more form you than they get form anyone else.

Examples of just a few of my .5 add-ons are; FREE Tootsie Rolls in every shipped box. A nice surprise for new customers and a welcome treat for repeaters. My monthly cash donation to the American Red Cross for every bottle and tube of ClipperGuy product sold. I have a few more… but you will need to become a customer to experience them. I cannot give away all my secrets.

Gotomer’s extra .5 law: Love It Or Leave It Gitomer’s .5 in this book is Be in love or get out of selling. I have said for a long time that haircutting is the best and the worst job in the world. If you love it is not work. It is fun. It is amazing that you can get paid to cut hair. If you do not love it, please do everyone a favor and get out of the business. You will be better off. Clients will be better off. Everyone will win.

Keep clippering.



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