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Carlos Valenzuela

Movies, recipes, and astrological forecasts are what I turn to when conversations tend to turn a little too personal. Regardless, I am powerless over a glimpse into the future. Remember the black magic ball you could turn for a yes, no, and maybe so answer?

I preferred it to a coin toss because it was a more “in-depth” relationship, I would explain. OK, you had to be there.

 Games aside, the 2014 forecasts below are no fortune cookie quotes. Plus, you know I wouldn’t present you with anything but a bona-fide, excellent astrologer. Enter Jyoti Wind, a renowned astrologer, highly visionary, making her second appearance on my blog. The forecasts are divided into two posts.

Enjoy, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;-)


 Aries: Career matters will take extra attention in the beginning of the year. In May, your finances and sense of creative style really emerges and you feel plentiful. Family is important after mid-July and business relationships flourish in October. 2014 ends with business matters expanding.

 Taurus: Expanding your creative overview is important in January. Career opens us in March and finances may follow. June brings a larger sense of self and what you can accomplish. Family is focus in August and by the end of October business relationships may offer you opportunities. 2014 ends with bigger dreams.

 Gemini: January is filled with joint resources and how you benefit through other people. Career matters expand in April, and in late June you feel like your life and your creative flair is opening up. Family time in September and business relationships come up in November. 2014 ends with resources available to you to broaden your view of possibility.

 Cancer: Business relationships may be overhauled in January-February. Career expands in May and opportunities may present themselves. In mid-July, your own sense of style and finances benefit from staying true to yourself. Family draws you in October and 2014 ends with the support of positive partnerships.

 Leo: January is a month of work focus for you and where you want to take it. By March, you are bringing your own view to the table. In June, your work may be recognized and money will follow. August is about you and trusting your instincts. Family is important in October and 2014 ends with work expanding.

Virgo: Creativity is high in January-February and work is productive in March. Joint venture with a partner in April and by late June, a measure of success may be realized. July expands career. September reminds you to trust yourself. Family matters in November, and 2014 ends with new creative visions.

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 Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer and writer living in Boulder, CO., where she sees clients daily. Contact: and

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