Lydia Safarti's 5 Strategies for a Successful Facial BarMany times when I visit spas, I am greeted at reception by the owner who then gives me a tour of their spa. We walk past the styling stations, past the nail stations, down the stairs and then finally, behind door number 3, we arrive at the spa. We tip-toe in, speak in whispers and each and every time I end up asking, “Why are we whispering? There isn’t anyone here.”

The problem is too many business owners take all of the “right” steps in building beautiful spas, but they do not properly promote their services to make skin care the success that it should be. This is where the Facial Bar Concept comes in. The Facial Bar creates a revolution for facial services by making them visible and available right on the salon floor. When you begin to offer facials out in the open, it breathe new life into your business.

There are five important business strategies for establishing a successful facial far:

Choosing a Space

The Facial Bar should be located within the 20 feet of your salon floor and in close proximity of your retail area. The whole idea behind the Facial Bar concept is that people can see it! We are bringing the treatments out of the back, into plain sight so that customers can interact with the services, ask questions about the services and then book the services.

Setting Up Your Stations

You will need a bar-like area to hold your treatment supplies, as well as comfortable, reclining chairs so that you will be able to administer the treatments with your clients sitting up. The Facial Bar will consist of a work station or several workstations. Each should be set up in an orderly way with all of the products and items you will need. This will ensure a smooth “flow” in-between clients. You don’t want your staff running from station to station looking for tools and products – it will look sloppy and delay the express treatment. Make sure each station is well stocked at all times to allow for maximum treatments in a minimum amount of time.

The Right Treatments

Now that you have brought your treatments out into the open--there is absolutely no room for clutter, mess and the dreaded double-dipping. Many of today's men and women don't have the time for a full day of beauty. I've created the facial bar as an appetizer—a chance for your clients to sample the wonderful service and products and experience stunning results—in only 30 minutes, while sitting upright in a chair, draped with a cape as they would be for any hair service.

The express treatments offered at the Facial Bar will provide many immediate benefits such as nourishment and hydration, deep pore cleansing, lifting, firming and balancing the skin. In 30 minutes or less, your clients will feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Right Staff

Every cosmetologist can embrace the opportunity to expand their salon services, build customer loyalty, sell retail products and ultimately earn more money for both themselves and the salon. Your shampoo specialist can even be trained to work at the Facial Bar! It is important to have outgoing, well trained and well-spoken staff at your Facial Bar. When they are out on the salon floor, they always need to look fabulous with perfect hair, makeup and nails. No exceptions!

Retail, Retail, Retail—The Art of Recommendation

Drive the sale home. Retailing is such an important part of the Facial Bar Concept’s success. You have your client in the chair; they just received a gorgeous treatment – you have their attention. Show them the products and recommend for them an at-home care program. You can even use this time to show them exactly how to use the products you are suggesting. Retail should be 50 percent of your skincare business, this is your opportunity to grow your business and turn your clients into your fans.

Facial Bar creates “The Want” factor in the salon environment - When clients see others receiving treatments and view the wonderful results; they will want the experience as well. The Facial Bar is truly an evolution of skin care services in the salon as we know it today.

Lydia Safarti's 5 Strategies for a Successful Facial BarRepechage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati is an internationally recognized skin care expert with more than 30 years experience as an esthetician, spa owner and manufacturer.


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Originally posted on Salon Today

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