In 2007, Sophia Navarro launched Lash CO in Houston, TX, the “test kitchen” and proving ground for Novalash lash extension. Lash CO lash salon sets the pace for the Novalash Signature Salons around the world and has proven that lashes are recession-proof.

“We grew so quickly,” says Navarro.  “We started with two extensionists—me and one other—and within two months, we had four. Now we are sharing rooms and have expanded because we have nine extensionists. If I was to do it all over again, I would get a larger space, at least ten rooms, but we didn’t know we would do so well, so quickly.”

During the past few years, unlike other businesses that were hit by a struggling economy, Lash CO and lash applications continued strong.

"During the recession, we did very well. It never hit us," says Navarro. "What I heard from clients is that they might have let go of their maid or their daily Starbucks but they wouldn’t let go of their lashes. And I see lash salons opening up everywhere. Within a two mile radius of us, there are five. “

Navarro travels and trains Novalash artists around the world and helps to open the Novalash Signature Salons. Interested professionals also travel to Houston for on-location trainings.

"In the last month, I trained women from Jamaica and from Canada, from Europe, from Mexico, from South America. I’ve been to Turkey, to Italy, to Dubai. I invented the technique so I want to make sure it is carried out properly and I really want people to see why it is such a great service."


1. "I’ve seen a lot of people who got tired of standing all the time who wanted to change their position and use their body –and their talents--in a different way. Working with Novalashes allow for that."

2. The earning potential. "You do a full set and then you lock them in every month instead of the every two months more usual with a haircut. In New York,  they are charging $450/full set."

3. The start-up cost is very low. "The cost of your product evens out to approximately $5.00 per client.. And you are making between $150-$450 per client."

4. You can make your own schedule.

5. You can create a mobile service if that is best for you.

6. "With our adhesive, the Platinum Bond, you can get the lashes wet right away unlike others where you have to wait from 24-48 hours. And you know they will last up to 4 weeks."

7. Everything you would normally do, you can still do with Novalashes except use makeup remover. "You can shower, go swimming, you can use the same makeup, even a lash growth serum. You don’t have to change your life. The lashes just enhance it."

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