With Fashion Week coming up, we’re all headed to the salon for a makeover, and so is your Facebook newsfeed — well, kind of!

If you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing its algorithm yet again, and there are a few things you need to know in order to best utilize Facebook as a marketing tool for your business. 

Let me start at the beginning. What is Facebook’s algorithm — a big word most of us (unless you're in the social media or math industries) haven’t used since 10th grade. Basically, Facebook has a calculated way that decides what you see in your newsfeed. Posts that might be considered boring or irrelevant will be given a low algorithm and are less likely to be shown in your newsfeed.

But wait, what does this mean for your salon’s Facebook page?

Great question! What it means is that you need to have a refined strategy for what you're posting on your salon’s business page and when you’re posting it. The more interesting or relevant Facebook finds your post, the more fans you will reach.

What does Facebook consider interesting or relevant? Posts by business pages are gauged by:

-How often your fans interact with your page

-The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives

-How often your fans have interacted with your posts in the past

-Whether any of your fans have given negative feedback about the post

So, when you’re creating your Facebook posting strategy, think about what your fans have interacted with in the past and try to tailor your posts to those kinds of posts. With these four factors in mind, Facebook has announced that it will begin to give even more newsfeed priority to link-shares from business pages.

But what is a link-share? Have you seen posts in your newsfeed that look like this? 

Facebook Changed What?

That’s a link share!

To create a link-share post:

Copy the URL that you wish to share into your post. You’ll notice an image appears along with a title and description. Be sure to delete the long URL when you’re finished; the post will still like without the long string of backslashes, periods and question marks. 

This feature also allows you to change the image if you don’t like the one that appears. Simply click "upload image" and choose a picture that you like better. This way, your posts still promote the beauty of your business but will also reach more people on Facebook. That's called a win-win.

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