The Gua Sha Stone Massage at the SenSpa Wellness Center in San Francisco appeals to Westerners by using Eastern techniques and detoxification methods. 

Location: SenSpa Wellness Center in San Francisco

Description: The massage is based on ancient healing and detoxification techniques that originated in Asia.

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Gua Sha Stone MassageProcess: Small stones are gently rubbed back and forth across muscles to create friction. This stimulates and increases circulation. Longer, Swedish-style strokes connect various areas and muscles being massaged.

The friction created between the gua sha stones and the skin creates healthy blood flow, which clears toxins and acids and delivers nutrients to muscle tissue.

Who performs the service: A certified massage therapist

Supplies used: Basalt stones and palo santo wood

Duration: 50–75 minutes

Cost: $125–180 (depending on time)

Target market: This massage is particularly useful for athletes who want to increase their range of motion and release muscle tension or for people who cannot typically get a deep tissue massage but want a deeper muscle-layer experience.

How it’s marketed: SenSpa utilizes its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its blog, for the majority of its marketing. Therapists at the spa and wellness center suggest it to clients for whom the service would benefit most.

Number sold per month: 3–5

How the service contributes to SenSpa’s success: “By adding a service that aligns with our Eastern philosophies but can also be of value to Western health (such as neuromuscular therapy), SenSpa has set itself apart from the typical ‘pampering’ salon and developed a service that can treat the body, mind and spirit,” says Terri Eaton, SenSpa’s Outreach Manager.

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