FASHION WEEK: Nick Irwin, TIGI, at The Blonds F/W 2014The Blonds is one of the most inspired of all the shows held during New York Fashion Week. It is over-the-top beauty and fashion, and the designers (brothers Phillipe and David Blond) offer unprecedented license, with direction, to the creative artists who come together to enhance the look from head to toe. MODERN was there and caught up with TIGI's Nick Irwin, Lead Hairdresser, who was oddly relaxed just one hour before the models hit the catwalk to present the Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

"For The Blonds, so much is done beforehand," he says. "I can be relaxed. This allows me time to put the finishing touches on the look and to meet with my team and the press."

So, the pressing question from the press: Do you have carte blanche when creating the look for this fashion show? "The Blonds are very hands on," says Irwin. "We have phone calls, they send references. They know the direction they want to take it."

For this Catwoman inspired collection,The Blonds had a definite vision for the fringe, powerful and sinister. Most important to Irwin was creating the perfect line to best enhance the over arched eyebrow (designed by MAC make up artist Kabuki)..."A V at the fringe," he says. "Very strong, and going to a point at the bottom in the back."

For Irwin, who was leaving after the show (heading to London Fashion Week), this show represents a perfect ending to New York Fashion Week. "The Blonds is one of the highlights of the season for me," he continues. "This is dress up, this is fun, this is letting go and what I love about working with the boys. They really are special."

In this interview Irwin offers an overview of the look and shares more about the collaboration. It's a bit over 4 minutes and gives rare insight in to how it all comes together.

FASHION WEEK: Nick Irwin, TIGI, at The Blonds F/W 2014

FASHION WEEK: Nick Irwin, TIGI, at The Blonds F/W 2014

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