Debbie Boehm: Keep Moving!Debbie Boehm had a knee replacement two years ago and a hip replacement ten years before that. You would think she’d be sitting on a couch protecting her joints! But the owner of Xtreme Hair in Crofton, MD, is doing no such thing. Employing a staff of nine stylists and shampoo techs, Boehm has made her health a priority so that she can continue to work and thrive.

“I have to ‘keep moving,’ as my mom say, so I don’t end up in a wheelchair,” Boehm says. “Not only do I deal with the physical difficulties that come with being a stylist but also the mental stress of owning a salon. I have always had to work out for both the physical and mental benefits.”

Boehm passes along these tips that have been working for her:

Enjoy your workout. Lucky for Boehm, she loves a lot of physical activities—spin class, body pumping, yoga and swimming. “Walking is also a great way to just get out and clear your mind,” she adds.

Take a fresh look at what you’re eating. Three years ago Boehm changed her diet, eliminating gluten and junk food. She reports that she’s feeling great and no longer suffers from heartburn and bloating. “I eat lots of vegetables, fruits, egg whites, nuts and certain meats,” Boehm explains. “I still eat carbs at times—just gluten-free.”

Stick to water. The wisdom of hydrating has spread to her salon team. “One big thing that we all do at work is drink lots of water,” Boehm says. “You don’t see sodas and juices much here, just mostly water.”

Figure out how much sleep you need. “I used to try to get nine hours of sleep until my acupuncturist told me that was too much,” Boehm says. “I now shoot for seven hours and feel great."

Grab the benefits of spa services. “Speaking of acupuncture,” she continues, “that is another thing that I do to stay healthy. I go to my acupuncturist and massage therapist once every two to four weeks. It’s a must!”

Relax in your own way. For Boehm, that means reading a good book.

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