Matrix Professional Haircare and Color Artistic Educator Adam Sculnick took inspiration from the 1950s pop art movement for his latest collection. He shared his color formulas, styling techniques and his thoughts on the collection with MODERN. See the full collection here.

HOW-TO: "!Pop!" Collection Multi-Colored Style

Formula 1: 2 scoops Matrix Light Master plus 2oz 30 volume developer
Formula 2: 3oz Matrix Color Insider 3VR + 3oz 10 volume oil-creme developer
Formula 3: 2oz Matrix Logics Primary Yellow Concentrate + 1oz Primary Red
Formula 4: 1.5oz Matrix Logics Primary Red Concentrate
**In addition to bowls and brushes for formulas, you'll need two color brushes that will remain dry and two balayage boards.


STEP 1: The model, Maya, had previous level 6 red coloration. Apply Formula 1 in back-to-back foils along the entire head to break up the color.
STEP 2: After processing, cleanse and condition with Matrix Total Results Repair shampoo and conditioner and completely dry the hair. 
STEP 3: Apply Formula 2 at the scalp and extend 2 inches out to both sides and back.
STEP 4: Taking 1-inch subsections, apply Formula 3 at the mid-strand using a balayage board against the end of Formula 1. Blur the line between the two formulas using a dry brush. 
STEP 5: On the same section below Formula 3, apply Formula 4 using a different balayage board. Blur the line between Formulas 3 and 4 using another dry brush. Continue this method until all the hair is completed.
STEP 6: Process 35 minutes, cleanse and condition.


STEP 1: Apply Matrix Biolage Blow In Control Cream and comb through/blow dry using a Mason Pierson brush to reduce volume.
STEP 2: Use a medium round brush to blow-dry straight up starting at the back of the crown to create as much lift as possible. 
STEP 3: Spray Matrix Design Pulse Get Action Spray Wax root to ends by rubbing fingers together. 
STEP 4: Use a micro-crimping iron to create texture, then use Matrix Design Pulse Hard Lock hair spray to secure strands out from the head until desired shape is created.


Styling assistant: Keith Skiner, Matrix artistic educator
Make-up: Rachel Hamm Gertz
Photography: Veronica Vazquez



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Adam Sculnick’s Fairy Tale Fantasy

COLLECTION: "!PoP!" by Adam Sculnick


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