HOW-TO: High Gloss Styles This spring will be shinning with high gloss hair color and glossy styles. Whether it be a low ponytail, slicked back roots, or beachy waves, the trend is shine, shine and more shine. Tiffany Conway, owner of CoCo Cheveux Salon, gives tips on how to get the polish.

* Offer an in-salon gloss treatment like Goldwell Elumen Hair Color – it’s a durable damage-free service that adds gloss and keeps hair beautiful and shiny for weeks. It’s available in 28 shades, plus clear, so there is the option to just add a gloss or change the color/add tone.

* Use a small amount of Goldwell Elixir versatile oil treatment on the part line to give hair a top of the head shine line that reflects light and smoothes the finish. This is also great for reducing flyaways for photos.

* Don’t underestimate the power of a brush that has natural bristles, it can refine hair by distributing natural oils and closing the cuticle for a more reflective finish. Once hair is smooth, mist lightly with an aerosol shine spray like Goldwell Diamond Gloss shine spray.

PRO TIP: “Teaching guests easy ways to increase their shine is a really easy thing to do at each appointment to add value to a service and it will make your work look so much better!” adds Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California

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