Philip Sambanidis: An Anti-Aging RegimenYou never know where this business will take you. Philip Sambanidis has been a chemist in the salon industry for more than 30 years, formulating products for Nexxus, Redken, Matrix and Jhirmack Enterprises, often alongside the late Jheri Redding and Arnie Miller, two of the industry’s most celebrated pioneers. Sambanidis’s expertise in hair product formulation led to an interest in food that boosts beauty, and he’s now launching his own company to offer both traditional beauty products and a line of Functional Foods that are ingested and aim to boost beauty from the inside out. His first product will be a specialty coffee that increases the luster of the hair.

“Over the years I have realized that true beauty comes from the inside,” Sambanidis says. “We have to provide our bodies with the proper raw materials to be able to create beautiful hair, beautiful skin, beautiful nails and a beautiful mindset.”

If you think the process sounds interesting, you’re not alone. Sambanidis attracted the attention of a television production company, and he is currently filming a reality show, “Synchonicity,” based on his journey as an entrepreneur who interacts with everyone from scientists to celebrities while on this mission for beauty.

“These products will be available only in salons,” Sambanidis pledges. “We are committed to providing salon professionals with all the educational tools, technology tools and income-increasing new services. I have spent my whole life working in the salon industry and have loved every minute of it. My years of being a friend and collaborator of Jheri Redding and Arnie Miller reinforced in me how important salons and stylists are to the human ecosystem and how necessary beauty is to the human psyche.”

In forming his new company, Sambanidis has established his Anti-Aging Regimen that comprises his life-long belief in proper nutrients combined with a “focused mind” that steers complex biochemical reactions in the right direction. For Healthy Hairdresser, Sambanidis shares his top 10 anti-aging tips:

1. Daily visualization. “Before getting out of bed each morning,” Sambanidis says, “I picture what I want to accomplish or what I want to happen that day!”

2. Diet. Sambanidis eats lots of foods rich in antioxidants and avoids sugary drinks, regular and diet sodas and junk food.

3. Herbal supplements. He chooses supplements that counteract harmful factors such as stress and pollution.

4. Meditation. At least once a day, Sambanidis uses meditation and self hypnosis to re-center, a process he believes is essential to solving daily problems.

5. The search for solutions. Sambanidis says, “I have a positive attitude about all aspects of life—not a naive attitude, but a positive attitude. I see life and its adversities as a series of puzzles/questions. Instead of obsessing about what is wrong, I try to understand what the problem is and then try to solve it. Maybe it is my training as a scientist, but I believe that you can always find a solution if you figure out the right question to ask.”

6. Exercise. Sambanidis works out a minimum of 30 minutes each day, combining elements of Qigong, martial arts, yoga, meditation and pilates.

7. Fun. “I try to enjoy whatever life throws at me!” he declares.

8. Stress management. “I deal with stress and do not carry anger which, I believe, poisons your body with stress hormones,” Sambanidis says.

9. Elimination of guilt. “If I eat junk food once in a while, I do not obsess or feel guilty,” he notes. “The junk food that you ingest will cause less damage than the stress of guilt.”

10. Gratitude. “Just before going to sleep,” he says, “I thank God/the Universe for its blessings and try to forgive people who have tried to hurt me. Forgiveness is liberating and uplifts you!”

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