The Most Versatile Bob, Ever.

SHORT STORY: Luisa Hartema's Versatile Bob

All good pixie cuts must come to an end — or grow out, anyway. The influx of pixie cuts in Hollywood means that there are also some pixies that are ready for the bob, post-pixie growth style one.

Enter Luisa Hartema, German model and blonde bombshell (bobshell?). Her blonde bob is the perfect picture of versatility in a short haircut that is often underrated as one-dimensional. Whether straight and parted down the middle, crazy curly and voluminous or sleek with a dramatic, side-swept bang, Hartema proved there is no reason that a bob can’t hold its own with longer cuts.

SHORT STORY: Luisa Hartema's Versatile Bob "The modern cut works really well with megawatt blonde such as Luisa's," says George Papanikolas, Matrix celebrity colorist. "To achieve her look, lift the base color two to three shades, and then do a heavy highlight to enhance the cut. For the base color, stay within two to three levels of your client's natural level. Lifting the base gives an overall lighter, brighter appearance and brings out the beautiful honey tones."
SHORT STORY: Luisa Hartema's Versatile Bob "Spring 2014 is all about texture," says Faatemah Ampey, editorial stylist. "If you're looking to spice up a bob, try tousled tresses. Dry the hair with a thickening spray or volumizing mousse. Section hair at the parietal ridge and place in a loose topknot. Begin curling hair away from the face in 1-inch sections. Work your way around toward the back-center of the head, stop and repeat on the other side of the head. Release the topknot hair and repeat the same 1-inch vertical sections, moving away from the face. Let the curls cool, then finger-comb the hair, scrunch and spray, and voila: sexy hair!"
SHORT STORY: Luisa Hartema's Versatile Bob "To give your clients this look, begin with a volumizing mousse," says Deborah Gavin, Keratin Complex's international artistic director for color. "Then, blow dry the style, lifting at the root. Use a soft setting spray and a rounded-edge flatiron to smooth but also blend. Last, tousle the ends."


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