Jade Osborne: Role ModelYou’re not staying fit for anyone else; you do it for yourself. You’re the one who benefits most. But you work in beauty! Your clients rely on you to keep them current on the latest in style and fashion, and that can extend to regarding you as a health and beauty role model. If you’re also a parent, your position as role model intensifies.

Jade Osborne sees that happening every day. A stylist at Salon 525 in Visalia, CA, Osborne also is a single mother of four girls. But she is surprised to see how much influence her healthy lifestyle is having on clients.

“I have found that the more I get fit, the more I inspire and educate my clients,” Osborne says. “They now come to me not only to feel refreshed and beautiful on the exterior, but also for deeper benefits than those that lie on the surface. I help them figure out what might work for them to ultimately change their lifestyle in order to bring out their inner beauty, strength, confidence and dedication—while looking and feeling physically better! So staying dedicated to my fitness not only makes me healthy and confident, but offers yet another service to my clients that I value very much. We cannot put a value on our health!”

Jade Osborne: Role Model

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