SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Repêchage Lamina Lift Mask at Vito Mazza SalonThe Repêchage Lamina Lift Mask became available to salons and spas in January 2014 and is an express treatment that can be paired with other services, as Vito Mazza Salon in New Jersey shows. Salon owner Vito Mazza Jr. shares a little bit about the benefits of the mask as an add-on service.

Description: The mask is made with an organic blend of eco-certified seaweeds, orange water, aloe vera and natural botanicals to provide soothing, cooling and moisturizing effects. The thin mask is easy to apply and not time-consuming; it can be applied while a client is having another service done.

Process: The Lamina Lift Mask doesn’t require any preparation time; it can easily and quickly be placed onto a client’s face. “It can even be applied over the make-up of clients who are perhaps in a rush or simply do not want their makeup removed,” Mazza says. Removable eye-pads allow eye make-up to stay in place. “Make-up stays flawless, and skin still receives the dynamic benefits.” Removal is done by removing the mask, and no blotting is required.

Who performs the service: Skin and massage therapists

Supplies used: If the client has make-up on, that can be removed with a skin cleanser, towel and bowl of water. If there is no make-up or the client wants to leave make-up on, only clean hands and spatula are needed to remove the mask from its container and apply.

Duration: 15 minutes

Cost: $15

Target market: Anyone can benefit from the service, according to Mazza. “It brightens, lifts and hydrates winter-weary skin,” Mazza says. “Its cooling sensation refreshes and de-puffs skin instantly. Men and women are both enjoying it!”

How it’s marketed: Vito Mazza Salon has been offering a free mask to color clients, which has been a good way to cross-promote between salon and spa services.

Number sold per month: Around 75

How the service contributes to Vito Mazza Salon's success: “The Lamina Mask has been an ideal tool to increase retail sales, increase work tickets as well as give our clients added value,” says Mazza.

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