The classic "Beach Wave" look is about to be hot again -- for springtime! Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan offers the Beach Mane as a look for spring. If your clients are having trouble getting the beach wave look on their own, show them how to do it like this:

STEP #1: Prep hair by misting in evo Day of Grace and brush into hair. Part hair in desired parting and section from ear to ear. Section out the top of the hair at the crown as shown.

STEP #2: Using a Cloud Nine Wand, start on the right side of the head and work around. Take large vertical sections and curl the roots and mid-lengths for 6-8 seconds. Release curl and allow to cool.

STEP #3: Control the curling tong as you work through the back of the head.

STEP #4: Take horizontal sections when working across the top of the head for volume. Repeat same technique.

STEP #5: Once hair is set, spritz hair with Evo Mister Fantastic, scrunch in and let product dry naturally into hair for two minutes.

STEP #6: Shake hair out and dress into place. Set style with Evo Builders Paradise for hold and extra style support for fine hair.

 HOW-TO: Do the Beach Wave in 6 Steps for Spring

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