Give textured hair a little TLC!
Give textured hair a little TLC!

Textured hair requires loads of TLC. It’s often chemically-treated, which makes it especially vulnerable to damage, and even if the client wears her natural texture, this hair type is often dryer and more fragile than most. Here are some tips for providing your textured clients with the best possible hair color results!

1. If you relax your client’s hair with a sodium hydroxide formula, skip the bleach. The hair is already compromised by the relaxer and probably can’t withstand lifting with lightener. Instead, if she wants a lighter shade, lift with high-lift tint or permanent color, which will be gentler on delicate strands. Matrix COLORINSIDER is a great choice because it produces high-intensity color with minimal stress on the hair cuticle.

2. If you smooth her hair with a keratin smoothing product, it’s ok to use bleach, but apply the highlights a few days before performing the smoother since the lightener could strip out the keratin. When you do perform the smoothing treatment, use a formula for chemically-treated hair and reduce the number of times that you pass the iron through the hair to protect strands from heat damage.

3. Plan color placement based on the way the client wears her hair. If she wears it curly, and the diameter of the curl is bigger than a pencil, make highlights bold and chunky. If highlights are too fine, they tend to disappear in curly hair.

4. Love balayage? Always smooth the hair before performing a balayage service to avoid color spotting. Again, if hair is super curly, create balayage highlights that are relatively heavy so that they’ll be visible when the hair is worn in its natural state.  


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