American Crew All-Star  Finalists: Meet Florian Nou from France

UPDATE 5.19.14:  Out of 1100 entries to the American Crew All-Star Challenge, a men’s styling and photo shoot competition, only 14 stylists were chosen to compete for the global title.  They came to Lisbon, Portugal for two days of photo shoots with American Crew founder and photographer, David Raccuglia to realize their vision. Jerome Kantner of Germany was crowned the All-Star Global Champion on April 28, 2014.

The final photo that was created in Lisbon is the first displayed here while the second photo was the winning country entry and the image that secured the stylists a place in the global challenge.  Brief interviews were conducted at the photo studio.

Meet France's Winner and competitor, Florian Nou:

Johnny Depp wishes he had Florian Nou working on him.  Depp was in Florian’s mind when he went to work representing his country in the competition.

“I was taking inspiration from the 1940’s, from ‘gangster’ characters that were strong but still elegant,” said Nou. “It’s a more American feel. More and more clients in France are loving this style.”  Think Depp as Dillinger in 2009’s “Public Enemies”.

When asked if he was happy with his model pick, Nou replied that he was so surprised and so happy to be here no matter what number he picked, it didn’t matter.

Florian regularly does photo shoots in France with professional photographer Cyrielle Riba to illustrate different hairstyles and trends.   Shooting with David Raccuglia was a study in complementary styles; despite the language differences, the men’s similar approach to the work—focused and calm—resulted in a beautiful, masculine image.  The wardrobe choice was tough but chic and the resulting image was a bit of French star Jean Paul Belmondo mixed with America’s own darling, Depp.

Johnny, we know you have lived in Paris and the next time you’re in town,  we have a number we’d like to give you.

American Crew All-Star  Finalists: Meet Florian Nou from France


I started my hairdressing studies at Pigier school from 2001-2003, followed by two years of professional baccalaureate training in hairdressing and an additional two years studying with a national hairdressing association. I joined the team as a hairdresser at Mr. Abat Place in Ceret, France, where I worked as a hairdresser for five years. It was there where I also was taught the art of barbering the old-fashioned way, and where I had a revelation that I wanted to be a barber and a men’s stylist.

 I was able to combine both passions through my greatest professional achievement – opening my own salon, NOU POU L’HOMME in Collioure, France, in June 2011. Looking ahead, I plan to teach the art of barbering and men’s styling to apprentices and perhaps someday join the American Crew team!


The American Crew SHAVE line.


Johnny Depp in the 2009 movie “Public Enemies.”


American Crew has such a complete range of products, enabling me to answer all of my customer’s wishes when it comes to style and shave. The American Crew values fit me because I am dedicated to the art of men’s grooming and American Crew brings the best to men’s needs.


The American Crew All-Star Challenge is the highest level of competition for men’s hairdressers. It prompts great artistic work and it was a personal challenge of mine to enter.



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