Jerome Kantner of Germany Wins American Crew All-Star Challenge

Jerome Kantner of Germany claimed the title of American Crew All-Star Global Champion 2013-2014. His win was announced in Lisbon, Portugal on April 28th at the MEO Arena in front of thousands.

Over a thousand entries into this styling/photographic competition were narrowed down to 14  finalists who had won in their own country and who came to Lisbon to make a run at the global title. They created a fresh new look during two days of photo shoots, working with American Crew founder and photographer David Raccuglia, then chose one image to offer as their final submission.

Kantner was warmly congratulated on stage by all his fellow finalists after being presented the award  in front of an audience of 3500 during the Revlon Professionals Style Masters show.

Backstage after the event, Kantner described how he arrived at his final look. "I created my looks in my head before the shoot and when we got the numbers for the models, to know how we would be picking them,  I knew which model would go with which look," said Kantner. "I knew exactly what I must do when I saw my model.  I didn't think about it--I just felt it.

 I do all my work with American Crew in my shop and now my dream has come true because I worked with David Raccuglia.  All the American Crew people are all so friendly, it is like a big family."

Jerome Kantner of Germany Wins American Crew All-Star Challenge


Jerome Kantner of Germany Wins American Crew All-Star Challenge


I started my education as a stylist in 1985 in Germany, and continued it through 1988. In my second year of education, I had a personal “a-ha” moment where I decided to become a barber and added those skills to my repertoire. I’ve worked as a professional stylist and barber since 1988, and opened my own barber shop, Fön-ix, Heuerstrasse, in Mainz, Germany, in 2007.


There is nothing better than a good shower gel, a smoothing after-shave and a moisturizing day cream. I like American Crew Fiber, Forming Cream, Alternator and the entire SHAVE line.


My favorite classic look is Sean Connery in the early sixties as James Bond. For modern looks, George Clooney’s current style is great.


American Crew has given stylists and men the tools to create classic, modern looks with easy-to-use products. What I like most about the American Crew concept is that the company enables me to give my clients great products to achieve their own personal style in a very smart way.


I’ve been following the American Crew All-Star Challenge in media for a while, and this is the first time Germany was able to enter. I decided to take the chance – the American Crew All-Star Challenge Award is a big honor in my profession.

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