MODERN welcomes Eden Sassoon, daughter of visionary Vidal Sasooon, to share her secrets to success and offer insight into her self-care routine:

I am so excited to share with you my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the beauty/wellness industry.

 Opening my first business Pilates Plus by Eden Sassoon, came after having two children and becoming a single mom after my divorce. But the real catalyst for it was my Dad asking me what am I going to do with myself, what am I going to do with my life. To start this new venture I had to ask myself "where does my passion lie"? And I found it. At that point in my life it was Pilates. I went to sleep happy, excited, & nervous to begin my new journey.

 First in order to be a successful businesswoman and mother I connect with a higher power and in my case it's God. Anytime I need guidance I turn to God and I take the steps needed to be successful.

 It was at lunch with Dad (Vidal Sassoon) at his favorite restaurant, and he said, " You know this time I really thought it was it, and at some point you're gonna be given a gift, and since I'm still here, I want to see what you're going to be doing with it'.

 I found myself sitting in a blow dry bar in Los Angeles looking around and seeing all the different aspects that could be better. I asked myself how can I make this experience even more relaxing for busy moms and executives on the go? I quickly jumped into planning EDEN by Eden Sassoon and it all took off from there.

 As an entrepreneur in the health and beauty world and balancing my family life I found that self-discipline is key to my success. I live my life with purpose. I'm in an industry that revolves around your inner health as well as outside appearance. My dad believed if you take care of the inside, the outside will take care of itself...except the hair of course.

 I take Pilates classes weekly and I go to spinning as well. When I'm in class every move I make has meaning just like in my life. Through physical fitness and self-discipline I have learned how to override outside distractions. And I use these tools in my business life as well to stay on point. For me it takes a strong healthy body to enable me to commit harder to the task at a hand.

 There will also be self-doubt, but the desire and the passion for achieving my goal has to outweigh any of this mental chatter that says you can't do it. I weeded out the negative things that would weigh me down, whether it be thoughts or people in my life. By releasing these things that are not in line with my goal it allowed me to replace it with the positive.

 As for my family life, I can't lie and say the lines don't get blurred at times, but  staying focused and making sure I am present in every moment is crucial. I would love for my daughter Olivia to one day take over EDEN By Eden Sassoon as long as it's what she wants to do. She loves coming to the salon and hanging out with the staff and they love her. She sweeps, dusts and loves to watch and learn. As for Tye, not sure what he wants to do yet but, we get our quality time with things he is passionate about, like Clippers games!

At the end of the day my health, sobriety, compassion and honesty are what maintain success at home and professionally. I don't want people to say I got lucky, I want them to say I worked hard with purpose and discipline in every aspect of life.



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