MODERN is getting lots of love for our May 2014 cover. This is no surprise. Moroccanoil Global Creative Director Antonio Corral Calero is a styling genius and he pulled out all the stops to create beautiful finishes to grace our cover and inside pages (40 and 130 - 134 for those of you who want to jump right to it!)

HOW TO: Behind the May Cover Overview of Hair and Make Up TIPS

One of the best parts of actually shooting with someone like Calero is watching him work his magic on set and getting to interview him either during or immediately after the session.

Although we did not know at the time that this finish would end up on the cover, it was serendipity that this look was the final of the day and Calero and partner/make up artist Nico GP were relaxed enough to offer an overview of the hair and make up.

Also included here are videos taken earlier in the day offering 2 TIPS OF THE DAY on placing and then cutting extensions. Much of the length and volume in this look is from multiple wefts gathered and placed at the base of the occipital. Calero shows, in the second video, how to gather and place the wefts and then, in the third video, how to cut the wefts. All videos are quite short and worth a quick peek.

HOW TO: Behind the May Cover Overview of Hair and Make Up TIPS

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