Rusty Phillips has become an important artist in the session world. A finalist in NAHA, a cover artist and regular session artist, Phillips has honed his skills and learned many lessons along the way. At the most recent ARTIST SESSION, Phillips, a regular (6 times so far!), was asked by several new attendees where he goes for inspiration. "I spend a lot of time looking at pictures," he says. "I surf the web looking not just at our industry but I looking at great pictures from different industries. When I am prepping to do a photoshoot I look for inspiration everywhere... on the street, in nature, architecture...everywhere I go." For this most recent session, Phillips was inspired by a photo in MODERN's April issue. The small shot is of a model in the Concept Korea show held during NY Fashion Week. The hair is by Jon Reyman, top fashion week lead and top educator.

Learning what NOT to do has also helped Phillips refine his shooting technique. Through his many sessions, Phillips has learned what looks good on camera, "what works and more importantly what doesn't work," he says. "It becomes a process of elimination. It shows that you learn when you fail. When you learn what not to do you end up with something beautiful." Phillips says it's important that anyone interested in session work do as many photo shoots as possible.

Check out this short interview and see how this photo inspired him for his most recent session, and stay tuned! The finish, inspired by the cornrow braids, will appear in an upcoming issue. It's a beauty.

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