SOTY 2014: Breaking Down the StatsWhile a picture tells a thousand words, numbers can convey an even deeper meaning, especially to the business mind. At SALON TODAY, we can’t resist collecting the data on our 20 SALONS OF THE YEAR and then looking at the collective statistical picture.

What’s a Facelift Run These Days? Of the 20 SOTY honorees this year, five were salon renovations, and 15 were new build-out concepts. Collectively, this year’s honorees spent $13.6 million on their dream salons, with an average total investment of $656,000. That worked out to be an average of $221 per square foot versus last year’s average of $120 per square foot.

Here’s how the design costs broke down: The 20 honorees on average spent $30,300 on flooring; $28,000 on lighting; $11,300 on their front desk; $ 83,000 on salon equipment; $20,000 on spa equipment; $20,000 on professional design services; and $365,000 on construction expenses.

SOTY 2014: Breaking Down the StatsTime and Money: From blueprint to construction, three salons took 18 months—J. Roland Salon in San Francisco; Misbehaven Spa and Salon in Walla Walla, Washington; and SOTO-Salon on the Ohio in Cincinnati, Ohio—while two salons—J. Michaels Salon in Des Moines, Iowa and Poppy Salon in Waite Park, Minnesota—opened their doors within two months. The average time from start to finish was 8 months. Eleven of the salons reported delays, finishing their design after schedule, while seven begrudgingly admitted they went over budget.

Allocating the Space: When it comes to salon and spa layout, the SOTY honorees an average of 3,087 square feet. At 7,800 square feet, Misbehaven was our largest SOTY honoree, while at 1,100 square feet, Airbar in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, was the smallest. On average, the SOTY salons allocated 1,149 square feet to the cutting and coloring areas and 270 square feet to retail space. Of the 20 honorees, 10 offered spa services and they reported designating an average of 637 square feet for their spa areas.

Setup Stats: Our 2014 finalists maintained an average of 16 styling stations in their spaces, and of those with spa areas, an average of three treatment rooms. Ten of the salons reported offering nail services and of those, they averaged five mani-pedi stations in their spaces.

Price Check: Our SOTY honorees report charging an average $57 for a shampoo, cut and style service; $71 for a single-process color and $83 for a 60-minute facial.


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