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Christopher and Sonya Dove held a red-carpet-inspired workshop at the Oribe Hair Care Studio in NYC earlier this month. Approximately 40 stylists from salons across the country took the intimate class and walked away with special occasion style inspiration, new techniques and professional images for their portfolios.

“The Oribe workshops give stylists a chance to get in there and do hair,”  Sonya said. “It’s so different—and so much more effective—than just watching platform artists on stage. I really felt like I had the opportunity to share styling tips I’ve found to be successful in the salon.”

The Doves found inspiration for the four styles they presented from red carpets and awards season. “They were all very current and will be on-trend for the coming year,” Sonya said. “The stylists in attendance kept saying how the looks we presented could be used for upcoming wedding and prom hair.”

Although the styles presented were all different, they had one thing in common—using various textures within the same look.

“Stylists are often working with time restraints in the salon, so this allows them to just focus on one area with texture instead of having to deal with creating it throughout the head,” Christopher said.

The Doves encouraged the stylists to eschew the idea of perfection and let the hair be a little messy. “I like to say, ‘Let the hair dance,’ which is always hard for stylists,” Christopher said. “I hope they left the class knowing that it’s ok to loosen up and just have fun with the hair. When you get stuck in one way of doing things, it’s hard to see all the other options out there. I think we really opened that door for people.”

Top 5 tips for the summer updo:

1. If the hair is already clean and dry, it gives you more time to style, so train your receptionist to ask the clients to come with clean hair.

2. Layering styling products can really help create a strong foundation for hold and longevity. Try a styling gel or foam to give body or for a root lift.

3. Avoid using a lot of spray until you have it where you want it, then spray. A common misjudgment is more spray, more hold. Not always true! Fine hair can be weighed down and drop with overuse of spray.

4. Add a dry texturizing spray or a styling powder to add grip and texture to floppy, lanky or oily hair.

5. Use a good oil on heavy or porous hair. This promotes shine and moisture and helps prevent dehydration from hot tools. The hair will look healthier and make your work its best, too.

Photos by Matt Licari