Mary Brunetti, Director of Education, Sally Hershberger NYC and Artistic Director Intercoiffure USA/Canada is a beloved and talented artist and educator. MODERN was in awe recently when we watched to add root lift that looked great and STAYED. "I have a great tip," she says. "It's a blob of foam." Brunetti offers the steps here to creating height at the crown or anywhere on the head. It's height that looks great and lasts.

Here is her HOW TO for height at the crown:

STEP 1: Blow dry hair as usual.

STEP 2: Lift the crown section with your hand and backcomb with tease brush or comb to the desired height. Apply a strong hold mousse at the roots where you need more volume (a good amount to saturate roots or as needed).

STEP 3: Using a blow dryer on a slower setting and at about 6 inches from the root, aim air into the root to quick dry foam.

STEP 4: Arrange hair into desired style with fingers. Do not brush...for instant, added root lift.

Photography: Intercoiffure

Height On Head? The Super Secret To Making It Work

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