Lydia Sarfati, the Queen of Skin Care and founder of Repechage, has spent her entire professional career creating ideal skin care services and products for professionals. MODERN asked her to come up with her top five tips on how to create the perfect facial experience for every client:

1. Super clean room - For the sake of your reputation as a professional, and for sanitary reasons, always make sure that your facial room is spotless.

2. Appearance matters - If you want to be recognized as a professional, you must dress the part. When it comes to attire, hair, makeup, and nails, always be well groomed.

3. Education - The educational opportunities you take advantage of will lead to better methods and scientific knowledge that you bring to the facial room.  

4. Working equipment - This one may seem a little obvious, but it is key! Always double check before administering a treatment that all equipment you will be using is working properly.

5. Proper consultation - Pre-treatment conduct a skin analysis on the client to ensure you will perform the proper kind of treatment for the client. Post-treatment, provide proper at-home skin care recommendations so clients can maintain the benefits of their treatment.

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