My Memories of a Great Lady, Paula Kent Meehan

I first met Paul Kent Meehan in Harrods in London around 1970. It was Xavier Wenger that brought her into the best store in the world and the largest salon in the UK at this time owned by S&L (Essenelle) where I was Creative Director. Xavier Wenger was  the top international hairdresser in the UK, matchmaker,  friend and 'supa star' and he knew everybody in the world of the beauty industry.

We struck up a great rapport with Paula and every time she came into London there was an event that my wife Maxine and I were there to enjoy with Paula, to share the evening with her team of friends. She came to London often as Redken grew from strength to strength and became the number one brand and product in the UK and was the first major American company in hair to hit the UK. It was a very exciting time,  with Britian swinging in the mid sixties. 

I will forever remember her always looking beautifully dressed to thrill and always smiling. One other memory that has stuck was when I was to do a promotion in the USA I wrote to Paula and mentioned, 'I am doing some promotional work in the US for S&L,  is there anything I can do for you & Redken?'  Her reply was 'Harold, if you are down in LA you can have my house on the beach in Malibu-- bring Maxine and your family and spend time there as long as you want.'

My two boys Philip & Adam loved it as they used to fish from the bedroom window when the tide was in.

Paula it was a thrill to know you and your husband John in my lifetime.  You will be so missed.

xoxox Harold

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