DO THE SHAB: A Shag + Bob on Dianna Agron by Giannandrea

by Anne Moratto | July 7, 2014

DO THE SHAB: A Shag + Bob on Dianna Agron by Giannandrea

Creative Director for Macadamia Natural Oil and celebrity stylist, Giannandrea created this combination shag plus bob texturized style for Dianna Agron to wear at a film premier for GLEE 3-D.   He shares his steps for this sexy finish here:

STEP ONE: Started with clean, wet hair.  I razor cut a variation of bob into a more playful ‘Shab" which is what I call this style.  This cut is a progression of the bob but it has much more life and allows much more variation when you style it. The layers and razor give it a modern feel.  

STEP TWO: I added Macadamia Healing Oil to the whole head and roots for shine and condition

STEP THREE: After cutting, blow dry the hair – just air, no brushing – until the hair is completely dry. Then brush with a large round Mason Pearson brush just for the bangs and blow them straight. The rest of the hair was just scrunched and bent with my hands.

STEP FOUR: Finish with Macadamia Natural Oil Dry Shampoo on the root area for a little lift and at top of the head. Just back brush the top part of the head and finish with Control Hair Spray to complete the look.


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