Cuccio Butter Blends for Hard Working Hairdresser Hands

 Cuccio Butter Blends were designed specifically to treat hairdresser’s hands.


Cuccio Butter Blends were created by hairstylist and hand care expert Patricia Hawthorn-Freund to help protect hard working hands, keeping them moisturized but not messy, soothed but not slippery. The Milk & Honey blend contains honey extract, a natural humectant in a patented formula.


“Hairstylists are at risk for some form of hand dermatitis because they are working in water and with chemicals,” Hawthorn-Freund says. “The Butter Blends provide rich hydration but are quickly absorbed so it doesn’t interfere with holding a tool or shears. It keeps their hands healthy which means they can work more effectively and not be sidelined by skin irritation.”

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