Q: How do I create an ombré or sombré look for my clients?

A: "Ombré is a gradual diffusion of color from dark to light," says Kenra Senior Technical Trainer Laken Rose. "Sombré is the update, which features a softer diffusion of color. First, I address the technical application. Divide the hair into quadrants. Starting at the nape and working your way up, take thin, horizontal subsections. Utilizing flat foils, begin with the darkest of at least three shades at the scalp, coloring about 2-3 inches out. Next, apply a lighter shade to the midlengths. Hold your brush vertically and feather the two shades together, applying the lighter shade to the majority of the mid-lengths and leaving out 3-4 inches on the ends. Finally, apply your lightest shade (typically lightener) to the ends, using the same feathering technique to diffuse the second shade into the lightest one. Place a foil on top and take down your next horizontal section. To create the more traditional ombré, which is typically bold, apply a solid slice of the darkest shade every 3-4 slices. For sombré, I recommend no more than two diffused slices to one solid slice of the darkest color."




How do I create an ombré or sombré look for my clients? How do I create an ombré or sombré look for my clients?

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