Larisa Love (@larisadoll) created this amazing tone chart that is blowing up on social media. Colorists from coast to coast printed out MODERN’s facebook and Instagram posts to use as a guide for their clients with a goal to keep everyone on the same page.

MODERN contacted Love to ask her the questions WE’VE been asked and to get a bit more info on this fantastic and useful chart:

MS: Why did you create the chart?
LL: I did the chart to show my clients what different types of shades I can create. Then we decide what shade compliments their skin tone.

MS: Are these models?
LL: I don't have models. Those are all clients of mine. Those clients are from a month or so. I take 3-5 clients a day but chose the photos that will best fit to explain the tones.

MS: Will you share your formulas for any of these tones?
LL: I don't love sharing formulas because that is why people pay me the big bucks! But I will tell you my favorite lines. I use different lines for different colors. I love Schwarzkopf for warm and rich tones. Goldwell for ash tones. And I tone with Goldwell or ISO or I make my own toners with shots of vibrant colors.

MS: Any tips for the professional colorist for proper toning?
LL: Watch the tones change before your eyes. Don't leave the sink bowl. Some tones take fast and some take longer. Don't be afraid of ash because once it dries it doesn't appear as much ash in the sink bowl. Also tone a shade darker to get the result you want.

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