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Chris McMillan, Living Proof celebrity stylist, and Ward, editorial superstar and Living Proof founder, are all about texture this season. Any ’do is undone to allow the strands and separation make the statement. The finished silhouette is real and wearable and totally on trend.

Superstar stylist Chris McMillan and famed editorial stylist Ward have launched thousands of careers with their fresh styles and new cuts. Each has created new looks for actresses and models (think Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc, etc, etc), and making them newsworthy, exciting and more marketable. From a professional standpoint, thousands of salon professionals have been inspired by their powerful and artful finishes that have been seen on runways, stages, films, television shows, red carpets and the pages of magazines around the world.

MODERN was thrilled to invite the Living Proof artists as they mentored Jessica Tiddes, the Chicago based (Solo Salon), who entered and won the Living Proof competition with the prize to work alongside the duo in NYC.

Tiddes watched and absorbed as each artist tweaked each model, learning that little touches can make a big difference. “A great set is so important when prepping the hair,” she says. “Chris and Ward were each able to get three different looks on their models because of this. Work smarter, not harder.”

“I like to put movement on the ends of the hair,” says Ward. “It is a season-less style and can work on any length or texture.” For this session, Ward actually layered product tomake it a bit sticky. “These products are transparent and easier to layer and build. I like to let the product absorb into the hair and then play around with placement.” Playing and placement is an important part of a Ward finish. Watching him style the hair on set is magical. He deliberately places hair slightly askew and uses a fan to make the hair more real.

Editorial Style

STEP 1: Model had a very small, narrow undercut on one side. Follow the line of the parietal ridge to create a stronger line. Pull out the section and direct as shown.

STEP 2: Take a clipper and cut to remove the extra section.

STEP 3: Blend back along the parietal ridge.

STEP 4: Clean up the line along the nape.

STEP 5: Define the line around the ear.

STEP 6: Create a shape where the undercut meets the longer hair.

STEP 7: Now take the longer pieces. Elevate and twist. Cut along the last few inches to create texture.

STEP 8: Then direct the section forward and point cut the ends to add additional texture and to blend.

STEP 9: Blow dry the hair to release texture.

STEP 10: Direct the hair to one side and cut away the ends.

STEP 11: Then direct pieces forward and cut away at the ends to texturize.

STEP 12: Add texturizing spray and shape the hair with hands.



Styling Aids: Instant Texture Mist, Flex and Control Hairsprays, Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo and Conditioner, all Living Proof

Clipper: Wahl

Shears: Matsuzaki, Omega

Brushes: Mason Pearson, YS Park

Blower: Parlux 3800

Mascara: Grande Mascara by GrandeLash-MD

Lipcolor: Mirabella

Nails: Neutral CND Vinylux, Clay Canyon and Vexed Violet, all CND

Fashions: BCBG, Joanna Mastroianni, Alexander McQueen



Hair: Chris McMillan and Ward for Living Proof

Assistant: Jessica Tiddes

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Make-up: Teresa Brown

Fashion styling: Akil Spooner

Nails: Amanda Smith

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