Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm
Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm

So, you’ve just gotten the hang of Twitter, huh? With all of the new updates and program changes, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing rules of this social media platform. And so the question always is… how do you know you are taking full advantage of Twitter? We know that Twitter has it’s own place in the branding sphere that allows you to establish your brand in a rapid, real-time way. Here are four quick tips on how to avoid simple tweetin’ oversights.  


1. Use a “.” when tweeting at another user publicly.

If you begin a new tweet with someone’s username (Example: @kellyehlers, did you watch #HouseOfCards last night? #drama) only you and that user will see your tweet. If you want the tweet to be publicly seen, make sure you place a “.” at the beginning of the tweet. If you forget to include this, you risk losing public interaction! (Of course, if you want to tweet directly at them, by all means go for it).


2. Keep it short and simple.

Fact: the most efficient tweets are typed in 80 characters or less. Our attention span is dwindling by the second, so there’s absolutely no time to waste! You’ll most likely get higher levels of engagement and interaction with short and sweet tweets. Extra tip: if you want interaction in the form of retweets, you’ll want to make sure there are extra characters leftover!


3. Bitly… Bitly… and more Bitly...

Using the full URL may work for other social media sites, but it’s best to tread carefully with URLs on Twitter. Your characters are numbered… (dun dun dunnn) so using an external website (like Bitly) to help shorten your URL, will leave you with more room for explanation. 


4. Follow the Goldilocks rule.

Porridge that is too hot, porridge that is too cold… where is the one that is juusst right? Our girl Goldilocks knew what she was doing… you need to tweet a happy medium. Tweet too little and you’ll be forgotten, tweet too much, and well, you are at risk for pestering your followers, or worse… getting unfollowed.


Twitter may seem like loads of information pouring rapidly onto your screen, but behind all those once upon a time ‘egg’ profile photos, are humans – tapping away at their iPhone, or typing on their keyboards. Pretend you are trying to engage them in person, so choose wisely when you are creating your next tweets! Good luck!


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