10 Tips for Living LongerOne of our favorite Healthy Salon Pros, Mary Beth Janssen, believes that TV’s Dr. Oz has good advice in his 10 recommendations for longevity. In descending order, they are:

10. Eat purple foods. Pomegranates, blueberries, eggplant, raspberries and red wine all help to maintain brain connections and even build new ones, which in turn helps to prevent dementia.

9. Stay active and work on balance. A tip: strengthen your thighs and keep your balance by standing on one foot at a time. This doesn’t need to take time out of your day. Dr. Oz suggests doing this while you’re waiting in a grocery line, for example. Or, you can do it while brushing your teeth, stirring a pot on the stove or reading.

8. Nap. Dr. Oz says that a short power nap about seven hours after you wake up for the day will reduce stress and statistically tends to lengthen life.

7. Don’t fill up. There’s evidence that people who stop eating when they’re 80 percent full enjoy better overall health.

6. Eat tree nuts. You need only seven a day to lengthen your life by 5 years, according to research. Nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but be careful—those delicious cashews, walnuts, pecans and almonds are also high in calories so stick to just a handful a day.

5. Get more sleep at night. You probably could benefit from going to bed an hour earlier than you do, Dr. Oz says.

4. Laugh. Get amused at least 20 times a day! Laughing burns calories and boosts your immunity.

3. Have sex. Many studies have shown that a love relationship helps people live longer for lots of reasons. Sex itself seems to have its own benefits as well. Have it regularly!

2. Stay socially connected. You need friends. According to Dr. Oz, being socially isolated is equivalent to have 15 cigarettes a day!

1. Take vitamin D. Dr. Oz says you should be getting 1000mg a day of vitamin D. While during the summer you can get enough vitamin D from the sun, you’ll have to go without sunscreen to absorb it so it’s probably a better idea to take a supplement.

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