Platinum blonde transformations have clearly been the hit hair color trend this summer – and Giuliana Rancic has jumped on the bandwagon! This radical summer change was posted on Rancic’s Instagram on July 17.

BEFORE & AFTER: Giuliana Rancic's Platinum Blonde Hair Makeover

Rancic, 39, wrote on her Instagram selfie: “Hope it’s true what they say.. #BlondesHaveMoreFun.”

Colorist Yvonne Brown from Meche Salon in Beverly Hills transformed Rancic’s hair. Rancic instagramed pics writing “We did it!! #blondeambitiontour2014 #Gmoney #E! newsroyalty #gobigorgohome #6hrs #lorealparis & #olaplex.”

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There are few beauty makeovers as dramatic and nerve-racking, as dyeing your hair platinum blonde, particularly being a brunette. Lightening up – especially if you have dark hair – can be an intimidating process, but based on this recent Hollywood trend, stars continue to suggest that blondes just may have more fun.

The experts at Pravana say it is possible to achieve platinum color while still keeping the integrity of the hair during bleaching. Pravana’s Pure Light Power Lightener gently and effectively lifts and lightens natural hair without affecting its structure. Upkeep for blondes is simple with the Pure Light Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner – a special Dual Ultra-Violet Dye System that neutralizes yellow tones. Keratin amino acids, silk amino acids and wheat protein provide vital protection and strength, while lightweight sunscreens help block the damaging effects of the sun to protect hair.

How to use Pure Light: Mix one part Pure Light Power Lightener to three parts chosen Pravana Creme Developer to the desired consistency. Apply to dry hair. Expert tip: Add one NEVO Hydra Pearl in every mixed bowl of Pure Light Power Lightener.



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