Frank Rizzieri Offers Tips for Retailing ToolsWhen clients walk out of a salon feeling great about their new look, they already are beginning to wonder if they’ll be able to create the same result at home. It should be natural for most salons to offer them the products and tools to achieve that goal. Frank Rizzieri is the owner of three salons in the New Jersey area and the owner of Rsession Pro Tools. SALON TODAY recently asked him to share some tips for retailing tools to clients.

SALON TODAY: This may sound like a silly question, but why offer retail tools in the salon?

Rizzieri: Well, it really is all about convenience for the consumer. You know she is using a brush, probably a hair dryer, as well as a curling iron and, or, a flat iron. So it is really about the convenience aspect, being able to offer her these items when she comes in to your salon. And of course, it helps build revenue for your business.

ST: What were you looking to do when you created Rsession Pro Tools?

Rizzieri: My goal was to offer consumers professional-quality tools and brushes at a very affordable price. To me, a new flatiron, a new brush should feel like an affordable luxury to our guests. Something they are treating themselves (or their family or friends) to, which is going to help make them look good and feel good, without breaking their wallet. The dual mission of quality and affordability is what drove the product development for Rsession.

ST: How do you recommend salons merchandise tools and brushes?

Rizzieri: We are in the world of beauty – so everything including all displays (products and tools) always need to look appealing, be easily visible, and hence encourage that impulse purchase. In my own salons, we treat our display of tools and brushes exactly the same way as we treat our display of hair products – clean display, well lit, with shelf talkers and a domain header. I also think placing an assortment of brushes near the checkout area is a good way to once again encourage that last minute purchase.

Frank Rizzieri Offers Tips for Retailing ToolsAnother idea that has worked in a number of salons is to create a tool bar… placing a single chair and mirror somewhere visible in the retail area, and letting guests try out the tools on themselves, or even doing a complimentary service. This creates a focal point, it is also great to highlight any seasonal trends (for example up-dos during wedding months, etc).

ST: Do your stylists use your Rsession tools and brushes exclusively?

Rizzieri: We give our team a really good discount on our own brand of tools and brushes, of course – and I know that the stylists that use them sell more of them in retail. However, while we prefer our team use our brand, we of course can only recommend they do – we can’t force them!

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