Anastasia Amico, artistic color designer for John Amico, took crunchy hair and made it healthy, vibrant and RED. Amico says she was inspired by mermaid hair, and we definitely see a little of infamous Ariel in this deep, dimensional color.

HOW-TO: Crunchy Regrowth to Dimensional Mermaid RedModel came in with 1/2-inch new growth with 3N and permanent previous color of 1N on midstrand.


STEP 1: Pre-lighten existing colored hair with a soap-cap of 20-volume enzymes, John Amico Green Bleaching Sands and John Amico EPA Shampoo. Formula was a 1:1:1 ratio (30g + 30g + 30g).

STEP 2: Process 45 minutes until hair is level 6 at room temperature.

STEP 3: Apply JALYD Color and JALYD Color Contrast Red with a 1:1.5 ratio. Formula was 30g color and 45g 40-volume enzymes applied base to ends for 30 minutes under a hooded dryer.


STEP 1: Blow dry with JALYD SS Fluid and John Amico Smoothie Super-Charged Straightener.

STEP 2: Flatiron fringe and base of hair.

STEP 3: Curl bottom half of hair. Use John Amico Curling Iron Texturizer (CIT) to set curls and John Amico 25-Hour Hairspray to hold back-combing.

STEP 4: Iron front piece in an s-wave formation for a glam finish.




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