HOW-TO: Crunchy Ends to Dimensional Mermaid Red

by Lauren Quick | August 22, 2014

Anastasia Amico, artistic color designer for John Amico, took crunchy hair and made it healthy, vibrant and RED. Amico says she was inspired by mermaid hair, and we definitely see a little of infamous Ariel in this deep, dimensional color.

HOW-TO: Crunchy Regrowth to Dimensional Mermaid RedModel came in with 1/2-inch new growth with 3N and permanent previous color of 1N on midstrand.


STEP 1: Pre-lighten existing colored hair with a soap-cap of 20-volume enzymes, John Amico Green Bleaching Sands and John Amico EPA Shampoo. Formula was a 1:1:1 ratio (30g + 30g + 30g).

STEP 2: Process 45 minutes until hair is level 6 at room temperature.

STEP 3: Apply JALYD Color and JALYD Color Contrast Red with a 1:1.5 ratio. Formula was 30g color and 45g 40-volume enzymes applied base to ends for 30 minutes under a hooded dryer.


STEP 1: Blow dry with JALYD SS Fluid and John Amico Smoothie Super-Charged Straightener.

STEP 2: Flatiron fringe and base of hair.

STEP 3: Curl bottom half of hair. Use John Amico Curling Iron Texturizer (CIT) to set curls and John Amico 25-Hour Hairspray to hold back-combing.

STEP 4: Iron front piece in an s-wave formation for a glam finish.




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