Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm
Kelly Ehlers, social media expert and founder of Ideas that Evoke marketing firm

Imagine if a “selfie” meant less about ME, more about WE…That’s the attitude Eden Sassoon is spreading to women around the world with her newly launched #water2women campaign, the first clean-water campaign spearheaded by beauty bloggers and the beauty industry.   


The refreshing take on giving back is meant to spark our attention and encourage all of us to go clean-faced and makeup free with “cleanselfies.” Developed by The Thirst Project, Eden Sassoon and powered by klickly, the campaign emphasizes that “real beauty starts with clean water.”


Eden has become the first celebrity ambassador to get the word out there and here’s why:


“It’s time to unite the industry to end thirst because together, we make a difference. Water is a must in our daily lives at work, school and in products…we need it to create, so we must be grateful and give back,” stated Eden.


And on that note, who’s with me? I dare you all to take your #cleanselfie for #water2women, then turn to social media to share and most importantly donate just $5 to the cause…c’mon, that’s less than your fave lip gloss!


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Eden Sassoon Snapping Selfies for Clean WaterAbove is my #cleanselfie for #water2women, along with Eden Sassoon and a few of my team members at #EvokeBrands! 

Eden Sassoon Snapping Selfies for Clean Water

About The Thirst Project

Almost 1 billion people on the planet do not have access to safe, clean water, and 4,400 kids under the age of five will die today from drinking dirty water. The Thirst Project is the leading YOUTH water activism organization in the world. We are a movement of high school and college students building freshwater wells in developing nations and impoverished communities to provide people with safe, clean water. A nonprofit organization, The Thirst Project travels across the United States speaking at schools to educate students about the global water crisis and challenge them to fundraise to build wells. In just four years, The Thirst Project has reached more than 250,000 students on over 300 campuses. The Thirst Project has given more than 200,000 people in 11 countries safe, clean water. 


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