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Larisa Love is one of the most talented and generous colorists out there.  Talented because she creates beautiful color designs, and generous because she shares formulas, HOW TO's and charts that can be used as a tool by colorists around the world. These charts show either shades, tones or levels and help guide clients and fellow colorists on color selection.


The level chart shown here created quite a reaction from MODERN's Instagram followers when posted earlier today. In just a few hours the post had more than 1500 "likes" and 65 comments. Most comments challenge the levels ("the lights should be lighter and darks should be darker") with a lot of questions about the level 3 photo. Others are confused about which part of the hair expressed the level since many of the photos are of ombre clients with different shading from root to end.


Here we offer comments from Larisa Love herself on how the chart should be used:


"This simple chart shows levels from light to dark," she says. "Keep in mind certain tones seem darker than others. Ash/cool tones appear darker and warm tones appear lighter. The does not mean it is not that level. For example, when I use a level 7 ash it looks like a level 5, but when I use level 7 war, it looks like level 8.


"Every eye is different," she continues. "And every shade is different. Our eye is a delicate source and we need to train it to see exactly what level the color is. Every hairstylist sees color differently."


In any event, all of these charts should be used to help generate conversation about color with a goal to get everyone on the same page!


As a bonus to this post, we've included 2 other charts by Love. Make sure to go to @larisadoll to see all of her magic.


Meanwhile, please feel free to comment and react to the level, shade or tone charts included here. Both MODERN and LOVE are listening!


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