HOW-TO: The Braided Butterfly Updo -- Photo Steps Included!It’s unusual, but elegant at the same time. The Butterfly Updo by AllDayChic is easy to achieve with proper sectioning, braiding and finishing. Follow the steps below to replicate this look that’s guaranteed to be remembered!

STEP 1: Make a ponytail and divide it in four parts. Take each part of the hair and fix with clips.

STEP 2: Start with the first part of hair (right up) and braid it in the French style. Be careful at the length of the hair you include in the braid because you need to create a shape that looks like a butterfly wing. Use a clip to fix it.

STEP 3: Repeat the second step for the left hair up section.

STEP 4: Start braiding the lower wing from the right side, but pay attention to include in the braid more from the hair length. In this way you will obtain a smaller butterfly wing. Fix with a clip.

STEP 5: Do the procedure again, for the left side.

STEP 6: Pass the tails of the higher ”wings” under the lower ones, overlap them and then fix at the top to create the butterfly’s body.

STEP 7: Hide the lower tails under the wings, fixing them with clips.

HOW-TO: The Braided Butterfly Updo -- Photo Steps Included!


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